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Endless Whitening Program

The Endless Whitening Program is a great way to keep your smile looking its brightest for years to come. As long as you keep your regular hygiene appointments (as recommended), we'll give you free whitening refill - for life! It’s time to get a great smile for life!

How do I join?
First, consult with Dr. Bartman to see if you are a whitening candidate. Then, purchase a whitening procedure (in-office or take-home) to join the program.

How does it work?
Once you enroll, be sure to maintain you regular hygiene appointments as prescribed by Dr. Bartman. We'll give you a free whitening syringe after each appointment.

What is the cost?
You are required to purchase an initial whitening treatment, which includes custom-made whitening trays. There is no additional cost for the ongoing touch-up syringes, as long as you keep your recommended hygiene appointments. To find out more please ask your hygienist at your next visit.

VIP Hygiene Program

With rising health care costs and mandatory changes, we want to offer our patients a stress-free way to afford their recommended dental visits. Our VIP Club Plans are your membership to better dental health. We created our VIP Club to honor those patients who keep their regularly-scheduled hygiene visits. Membership includes yearly bitewing x-rays, hygiene visits, exams, cavity risk assessment, fluoride, oral cancer screening and more. Talk to your hygienist to see what plan best suits your needs!

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